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Guided Forest Bathing - Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide  - Re-Connection to Nature via the senses

At Heartfelt Earth walks our vison is to create a sacred time for humans to connect to the more than human world in a heartfelt way while deepening and appreciating the wholeness of the relationship between us.

Katherine C.,

National Geographic/Dolphin Healing

Arts & Nature

I was impressed with the forest bathing session that Ashley led me in; even in virtual form, I felt comforted and restored by her calming voice, and the way she gently facilitated the various nature-based exercises within the privacy of my own backyard. The information and stories she shared were interesting and enhanced my appreciation of the experience. I'm proud to say I've known her for 5 yrs and counting, and I can attest to her solid character and reliability. Ashley is a natural guide and mentor, easy to connect with, and has an unrivaled passion for humanity and Mother Earth. 


Ryan Bennett

I recently received my first intentional forest bathing experience with Ashley Weiss. It brought peace and tranquility throughout my entire being. Ashley provides the utmost care for you to share in, understand, and be open to the process. It is simple, profound and very much enjoyable. I feel more connected to myself and with nature because of the awareness I awakened. Forrest bathing is quite a delight, non strenuous and opens up the opportunity to heal oneself. I will gladly continue this journey with her and hopefully with you in the near future.

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