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Forest Therapy 

Forest therapy is inspired from forest bathing a wellness practice that started in Japan in the early 1980s. 'shinrin yoku' which literally translates to 'forest bathing' or to take in the atmosphere of the forest. This practice encompasses aware and unhurried immersion of our senses in nature. In the process, we connect deeply with nature. Research studies have quantified and demonstrated a wide array of health benefits resulting from forest bathing. Forest therapy builds on these benefits and also goes further - helping us to remember that we are one with nature, repairing our broken relationships with nature, and reciprocating what nature offers for us.


Sensory Immersion 

The focus is on being present in nature, awakening our senses and using them to connect in a heartfelt way. Unlike a hike or naturalist walk, forest therapy is not a completion of miles within a time period; it’s not a reaching of any particular destination; it’s not an identification of plant and animal species. You also won’t need to bring a towel!

Forest therapy is a slow and immersive experience in nature. Through gentle, guided sensory walks, this will support emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Using carefully crafted and perfected invitational sensory activities, participants are guided to interact with nature in ways that are designed to receive and optimize all the healing benefits of time spent in nature. In the process, participants discover new insights, reflections, and perspectives. 

Forest therapy is a deep knowing of nature through the senses; it’s a slow delightful walk through nature; it is simply being in nature and interacting in a way that will support you. The gentleness of the practice makes it accessible to everyone no matter the age, gender, fitness, or religion.

Forest therapy is also a cutting edge tool for facilitating executive and creative retreats, navigating big life transitions, and developing healthy and positive mindsets. The effective 'tuning in', the sharpening of intuition, and the exposures to the perspectives of others are known to contribute to the successes of such pursuits.


The Science and Research

Over the last decades, the benefits of forest bathing have been scientifically measured. Backing up what many of us have intuitively known

benefits include:

  • Increased concentration and mental focus;

  • Increased creativity;

  • Increased immunity;

  • Increased post-operation or post-hospitalization recovery rates;

  • Increased amounts and efficacy of our body's natural killer cells (NK cells) against cancer;

  • Improved maintenance of blood sugar;

  • Improved sleep;

  • Reduced stress;

  • Reduced blood pressure.

Some of the research is available here. 


Leader in the field of forest therapy

The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT) in the US is the leading global voice for forest therapy. Setting the standards for forest therapy practice, the ANFT trains and certifies nature and forest therapy guides worldwide. 

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